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The Team

Jason Atkins

Founder | Creative Director

This guy is a crazy football fan that loves comics. He's really a goofy kid at heart behind a calm cool exterior. But, Jason Atkins is more than a football loving cartoon watcher, he is one of most talented designers around. His concepts and design work keep potential clients talking about our work. He practically lives in the basement of his renovated rowhouse with his dog, Cooper, and enjoys days on Capitol Hill.

Rhashad Atkins

Partner | Director of Business Operations

Rhashad is the only reason this dynamic duo hasn’t gone up in flames. Keeping the process, invoices, payments and clients on schedule can be a tedious task because some clients can be a handful. Rhashad is our fearless business director, she’s poised, cool, smart and she holds the whole outfit together. Beyond her organizational mastery, Rhashad has an analytic side, and a true knack for organizational leadership. She is the real super hero in this operation.


After spending several years designing and marketing in the financial industry, we wanted to work with a different set of clients. So we decided to venture out of our comfort zone and take a chance on the road less traveled. Since our decision to set sail in uncharted waters, we’ve worked with a kaleidoscope of clients from nonprofits and charter schools to trucking companies and restaurants. We always listen attentively to learn what makes our clients tick. Our clientele come from very diverse backgrounds, which makes our work loads of fun as we collaborate to explore the most exciting ideas in the designing universe. Being a designing superhero requires a very good ear for what people want--we have four!

Our Culture


Our Promise

As much as we love to have fun, we are here to cleverly engineer awesome brands for our clients so they can impact their communities and the world for good. We guarantee to strive to deliver great efficient work on schedule that embodies our clients true passion. We promise to push clients outside of their comfort zones toward measurable growth. We’re your marketing and design team – we invite you to have a uniquely educational experience to create the branding you need.


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